Vane Compressors 3 to 5 hp

Vane Compressors  3 to 5 hp

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Vane Compressors, 3 to 5 hp Aeration » Compressors » This oilless vane compressor can be powered by an electric motor (as shown) or by belts and pulleys. The vane life is 9 to 18 months, depending on rpm and pressure. The shaft is 7/8" diameter, 41/2" H and rotates counter clockwise (facing shaft). Operating range is 800-1,800 rpm. Motor horsepower depends on rpm and pressure. All vane compressors are equipped with an inlet muffler and 1" NPT ports. Motors listed are 1,725 rpm ODP, but others are available. Power cords are not included. These vane compressors are guaranteed for one year (not including vanes [AQ6V] or filters [AQ15]). AQ60 is a compressor, jar type filter and coupling only with base not included. Three-phase vane compressors ship with the motor coupling removed. One-year warranty. Made in USA.

Cotice: Vane Compressors 3 to 5 hp

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