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DELTA FORCE FILTRATION™ Effective Coolant and Wastewater Filtration - Utilizing a "True Permanent Media" MonlanGroup has introduced the next generation of “Permanent Media Filtration”. The new Delta Force Filtration™ System eliminates disposable media and reduces the cost of operation. Applications for this new filter include general machining and grinding for individual machines or central systems and wash water filtration. The Delta Force Filtration System provides a constant dependable flow of clean process fluid back to the machine. These filters utilize a vacuum system to draw dirty process fluid through the Herding® Permanent Filter Element. Customers will see a reduction in their maintenance and operation cost by eliminating media change out and disposable media purchases. With no media to dispose of, waste hauling charges will be reduced. Benefits: Tramp Oils Do Not Effect Process Flow Rate Cleaner Fluid Results in Longer Tool Life, Fewer Wheel Dressings, Better Surface Finishes, Higher Production Rates and Improved Housekeeping Eliminates the Disposable Media Waste Stream Adhering to ISO-14001 Standards Features: Permanent Back Flushable Media - eliminates maintenance and disposable media cost Back Flushes with Clean Process Fluid - no additional fluids or large volume of air is required Integral Drag-Out System for Removal of Solids Removal of Particulate Down to 10 Micron Level Flow Rate - Nominal 2 GPM per Square Foot of Filter Area 100% Filtration - No Bypassing of Solids or Cake Build-up is Necessary to Maintain 10 Micron Filtration Level Applications: All Grinding Applications General Machining Honing & Gear Cutting Wastewater Filtration Central Systems Retrofit of Existing Systems


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