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Producto N° 6483



Zanjadora Profesional

Wheel trencher for irrigation and electric plants in gardens, parks and golf-courses. These trenchers have minimum overall sizes but, at the same time, they assure a high level output. Both the machines can work in any garden and they improve the trench-works to lay cables and pipes in all the different kind of vegetable soils, without damaging the lawn and moving the least ground possible. The output per hour overpasses 60 linear meters and the cut is clean and clear up to the trench-bottom. To make easier the recovering, the excavated ground lays along just one trench-side.

• Transmission to the wheels by a variable capacity hydraulic pump and motors, with hydraulic device avoiding any slipping moving on wet pavements Hydraulic oil heat exchanger

• 2-cylinder Lombardini Diesel engine 17.5 HP, with liquid cooling and electric starting

• Adjustable trench-depth: from 0 to 60 CM 2-wheel driving & steering

• Oversize driving tyres 18 x 9.50 - 8

• Adjustable trench-width: 10, 12, 15 or maximum 18 CM (one size to state with order)

• Bit trench-tools with tungsten carbide tip, in alternative, bucket tools or mixed solutions

• Variable output from 60 to 100 linear meters per hour

• Single auger to move the excavated ground

• Overall sizes: length 190 x width 80

• x height 95 CM (+ 85 CM with the oversize tyres)

• Safety bar at the cutting tool and balanced lifting point

• Running weight: 435 KG

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