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Magnetic Drum Separators

MonlanGroup's Magnetic Drum Separators employ high intensity magnets within a fully energized rotating drum to continuously remove ferrous particles from the flow of liquid. They are available with either Ferrite or Rare Earth magnets. These systems are often used as a pre-filter to limit contaminants reaching subsequent filtration equipment. Systems are available with flow rates up to 265 GPM. Magnetic Drum Separators are well suited to processes where ferrous and non-ferrous contaminations are mixed with water based coolants or straight cutting oils.

Benefits: Longer Tool Life Easily Removes High Levels of Ferrous Contaminants Continuous Operation Better Surface Finish - Average Improvement by 27% Machine Downtime Reduced by About 50% Reduce Waste Disposal Easy Installation No Consumable Media

Applications: Production Grinding & Machining Applications ID / OD Grinding Honing/Lapping Polishing Gear Cutting

This is a cost effective clarifier with a proven design. The benefits of extended machine tooling and coolant life are complimented by a cleaner work environment, increased productivity, reduced machine down time, and lower scrap levels.

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