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PAPER BED FILTERS MonlanGroup Paper Bed Filters employ disposable paper or permanent filter media to produce a positive barrier and remove solids from all free flowing industrial process liquids. The filtering surface is automatically indexed only when necessary, and different grades of filter media allow for an adjustment of clarity. MonlanGroup automated systems are capable of continuous coolant filtration operation with a minimum of energy and operator involvement. Standard paper bed filtration units are available with flow rates up to 250 GPM. MonlanGroup filters are suitable for applications of low to medium stock removal of ferrous and nonferrous metals as well as organic and inorganic contaminants such as glass, rubber, and plastic. Extended ramp filters and customized systems are available to fit your specific application needs. Benefits Longer tool life Better surface finish - average improvement 27% Machine downtime reduced by about 50% Bacteria control Automated Self-Cleaning System for Continuous Operation Applications Production Grinding Gear Cutting General Machining Honing/Lapping Lathe Operations Parts Washers Phosphatizing Baths Tube and Rolling Mills Waste Treatment Wire Drawing Plastic Recycling DRUM-TYPE FILTERS MonlanGroup Drum-Type Paper Bed Filters occupy 1/3 the floor space of a traditional paper bed filter, with flow rates up to 525 GPM.


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