Ultrafiltration Systems

Ultrafiltration Systems

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Ultrafiltration Systems

MonlanGroup’s Ultrafiltration systems are a proven, economical fluid management system that helps extend the life of washwater and rinsewater in most industrial applications. They are designed to separate emulsified oils and suspended solids from wastewater and coolant and reduce oily water volumes by as much as 98% without the use of chemical additives. Our ultrafiltration systems process waste coolants, washwaters, rinsewaters and other oily waste water to help you meet zero manifesting goals and comply with federal RCRA requirements, as well as state and local discharge regulations. Everything you need for manual or automatic ultra filtration is included with our systems. Each turnkey system is designed for easy installation, quick start-up and efficient operation. Our automated systems are capable of continuous operation with a minimum of energy and operator involvement. All Ultrafiltration Systems are modular to allow for easy expansion by installing additional modules onto the basic system. MonlanGroup backs every Ultrafiltration System with single source product responsibility, reducing your maintenance worries.

Benefits: Reduce Water Usage Reduce Chemical Usage by 45% to 75% Reduce Disposal Costs Volumes by 95% to 98% Compliance With RCRA Regulations Extend Washwater Life Reduce Energy Costs System Payback Typically 9 to 14 Months Automated System for Continuous Operation

Applications: Machining and Grinding - Water Soluable, Semi-Synthetic & Synthetic Coolants Primary Metals - Rolling & Drawing Fluids, Coolants Washwaters - Alkalin & Acidic Washwaters, Tramp Oils Die Casting - Mold Release Fluids & Washwaters Stamping - Heavily Fortified Stamping Fluids & Washwaters Transportation - Oily Water Vehicle Discharge Vibratory Deburring - Oil and Solid Laden Deburring Liquids Pressure Washing - Oily Water Discharge Waste Treatment

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