Ton Capacity Bossman Jacks

Ton Capacity Bossman Jacks

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Bossman Jack Ton Capacity Bossman Jacks

A Bossman jack for the railroad industry! Same sturdy construction as the 100 and 150 ton jacks in a compact two-wheel design.

Features Patented locking mechanism: spring-activated locking shoes engage while lifting and lock into place every 3/8" to eliminate the need for blocking. When lowering, air pressure allows the locking shoes to disengage until the operator releases the lowering button. Remote operation capability allows the operator to use the jack from a distance Air/hydraulic pump operates with 50 CFM at 90 PSI air pressure to lift full load Overall length is 26.5" - large base provides stability under load Extensions available for increasing closed height as follows: 6" extension model BJ50-70; 9" extension model BJ50-71; 12" extension model BJ50-72; set of all three extensions model BJ50-6912. Special extensions available - consult Duff-Norton

Cotice: Ton Capacity Bossman Jacks

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