Fire Station Apparatus Bay Doors

Fire Station Apparatus Bay Doors

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Fire Station Apparatus Bay Doors Recent attention to security issues and rising maintenance costs have drawn fire departments to look at the advantages of EPD folding doors versus using overhead sectional doors. Expensive damage to vehicles and overhead sectional doors often occurs during the normal fast-paced action whenever pre-occupied vehicle drivers are not able to see the lower door edge of the door after it raises above the windshield line. They often anticipate the speed of the door leaving or entering the station before the door is fully open. EPD Four-Fold Doors are always in view of the driver, to eliminate "clipping" of emergency equipment that happens when overhead doors are used. EPD's four-fold and bi-fold doors reduce the likelihood of damage by rapidly moving the door panels in a horizontal direction. This sideways motion along with quick two-feet-per-second opening and closing speeds keep the door panels in the sight-line of the driver at all times, thus reducing the chances of damage.

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