Doors For Manufacturing

Doors For Manufacturing

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Doors For Manufacturing EPD Doors find themselves applied to various applications in manufacturing facilities Doors are most commonly used by manufacturing facilities to provide security and quick-acting access into their high traffic areas. EPD doors are recommended for loading docks and other drive through loading and unloading zones. Door styles that can be used in these areas include: Four-Fold Sliding Vertical Lift Roof & Floor Hatches Some manufactured items are very large and often require an overhead crane to move them. EPD provides Crane-Way Doors that allow moving these articles through the facility. Crane-Way doors can be supplied for either top-hung or bottom rolling bridge cranes. Doors are also available for mono-rail cranes. Other manufacturing facilities require roof or floor hatches to allow moving equipment or materials from one floor of a building to another as part of the manufacturing process or for equipment maintenance.

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