Doors for Convention Centers and Multi Use Arenas

Doors for Convention Centers and Multi Use Arenas

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Doors for Convention Centers and Multi-Use Arenas Few buildings require the need for versatile doors as much as convention centers and multi-use arenas. A single door opening on a convention center might be needed to handle vehicles, equipment and pedestrian traffic. EPD doors are designed to handle these multiple requirements. Pedestrian doors can be incorporated into larger sliding or vertical lift door panels to accommodate handicapped and emergency egress needs. EPD doors can be manufactured with acoustical insulation, seals and cladding to provide sound attenuation if required. A variety of controls and locking devices are available for specific applications. There are no springs on EPD Vertical Lift Doors. EPD's spring-less door design eliminates the fear of spring failures causing doors to crash downward as sometimes occurs with roll-up and overhead sectional doors. EPD Vertical Lift Doors are weight counter-balanced and provided with revolutionary safety catches in each panel.

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