Doors for Loading Docks Truck Rail Grain Facilities

Doors for Loading Docks  Truck  Rail  Grain Facilities

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Doors for Loading Docks, Truck, Rail & Grain Facilities EPD Doors work perfectly for drive through, drive in, or back up loading areas and are ideal for truck or railcar loading and unloading. EPD Doors are manufactured for longevity, even in the harsh, dusty conditions of grain elevators and coal storage yards. EPD Four-Fold and Vertical Lift Doors have many standard features and provide the following benefits: Hydraulic Four-Fold Doors have a life of more than two million cycles, and they are ideal for high frequency loading areas. The fast two feet-per-second operating speed and horizontal movement of Four-Fold doors reduce the likelihood of a vehicle colliding with the doors. Both Four-Folds and Vertical Lifts are heavy duty doors and can be designed to withstand high wind loads, earthquakes, hurricanes and abrasive environments. Tight seals, insulation, and the fast operation conserve the energy used to provide the facilities heating, cooling and air quality needs. Options for Loading Dock Doors include: A variety of controls including explosion / dust proof controls Pull cords Radio controls Auto-timed close Monorail provisions

Cotice: Doors for Loading Docks Truck Rail Grain Facilities

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