Custom Engineered Strainers

Custom Engineered Strainers

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Custom Engineered Strainers Fabricated Dual Basket Strainers Dual Basket Strainers Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Sure Flow Dual Basket Strainers are an innovative and economical alternative to conventional Duplex Strainers. They are designed for applications where flow cannot be shut down to service the strainer screen. Changeover is accomplished by use of a handwheel operator on a buna lined (standard), butterfly valve. This arrangement provides a bubble-tight shut off between basket chambers, essential for use in gas or negative head pump suction systems. Basket and flange sizes can be designed to specific requirements by incorporating Sure Flow Fabricated Strainers. Standard units are in Cast Iron with 125# ANSI flanged connections, and Carbon or Stainless Steel with 150# ANSI flanged connections. Many other options are available including higher pressure ratings, automatic air vents, quick opening covers, special internal coatings, backwash connections and more. We will help you select the best Sure Flow Dual Basket Strainer for your specific application. Sure Flow Model BDB bolted design Dual Basket Strainer is standard in Cast Iron with 125# ANSI flanged connections in sizes 2" through 18". Baskets can be supplied with bolted or quick release clamped covers. Consult factory for dimensional data and other specifications.

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