Elastic Swing Foot Valves

Elastic Swing Foot Valves

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Elastic Swing Foot Valves Ductile Iron - Flanged Type FVCEXF-125 Flanged Elastic Swing Foot Valve The Elastic Swing Foot Valve is suitable for municipal and industrial applications. It is standard with a ductile iron body with flanges which comply with ANSI B16.1; Class 125 or 250. The internal body is epoxy coated. Special coatings are available upon request. The one-piece molded disc has a steel reinforced insert to insure closure. Plus, while in the open position, it will allow 100% uninterrupted flow. The one-piece disc hinge and flapper can be repaired without removal of the valve from the line. The Elastic Swing Foot Valve is designed for continuous flow applications and is not recommended for reciprocating pumps. The elastic swing foot valve can be installed in a vertical or horizontal pipeline. The Elastic Swing Foot Valve body material is Ductile Iron ASTM SA536 60-45-12 with a screen of 1/8" perforated Stainless Steel.

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