Silent Seat Foot Valves

Silent Seat Foot Valves

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Silent Seat Foot Valves Cast Iron - Cast Steel - Stainless Steel – Flanged Type FV 125 Cast Iron, Type FV150 Cast Steel, Type FV150SS Stainless Steel Foot Valves Construction Design of the Sure Flow Silent Seat Foot Valve, available in sizes 2 inches to 30 inches, evolved through a need for a valve that could provide positive sealing actions at various pressure ranges without seat damages, along with silent operation. The Sure Flow Silent Seat Foot Valve, satisfies these requirements plus low head loss through its full ported area and heavy duty stainless steel basket screening. The Buna-N O-ring, provides a drop-tight seal. As the pressure increases, the Buna-N O-ring is compressed slightly and the disc makes contact with the metal portion of the valve seat, preventing any further compression of the Buna-N O-ring. The Buna-N O-ring will continue to provide the “drop-tight seating” during the higher pressure ranges without damage from the increased pressure loading.

Cotice: Silent Seat Foot Valves

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