Y Strainers YF1500

Y Strainers YF1500

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Y Strainers Cast Steel, Cast 316SS & Low Temp Carbon Steel, Flanged

Type YF1500 Cast Steel & YF1500SS Cast Stainless Steel & YF1500LCC Low Temperature Carbon Steel with 1500# ANSI Flanges

Features Sure Flow 1500# ANSI Flanged strainers are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Low Temperature Carbon Steel. They provide very economical protection for Water, Oil or Gas service up to 2160 psig for stainless, 2205 psig for carbon steel and 2250 psig for low temperature carbon steel. A machined, tapered seat ensures a perfect fit for the removable, stainless steel screen. May be installed in vertical or horizontal pipelines with blow-off connection at the lower end of the screen.

Blow-off or drain to be NPT or socket welded. Please specify.

Construction Carbon Steel - Body & Cover, ASTM A216, Grade WCB Stainless Steel - Body & Cover, ASTM A351, Grade CF8M Low Temperature Carbon Steel - Body & Cover, ASTM A352, Grade LCC

All screens are Stainless Steel

Cotice: Y Strainers YF1500

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