Reciclador Agua Lavado

Reciclador Agua Lavado

Producto n° 7165



Wash Water Recycler

The universal is mounted on a single skid for courses and clubs smaller than the space can be at a premium and is also mounted on one support for smaller classes and clubs where space can be compelling.

specifications for recycling wash water

Process Flow: 20 g.p.m.
System capacity: 800 gallons
Dimensions: 10'L x 5'W x 7'H
Electricity: 220V, 30 amp.
Processed Water Storage: 550 gallons
Final Filtration: 1 micron
The filtered water delivery: 20 g.p.m. 50 psi
Backflush Filter: Automated
System Process CO3P: XL House UV/O3

Cotice: Reciclador Agua Lavado

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