filtro Multiple de solido

filtro Multiple de solido

Producto n° 7241


A low maintenance bag filter system designed to remove large solids, dirt, and debris over 100 microns in size from the waste stream. Two styles to choose from: gravity flow or pressurized flow. The four and six bag gravity flow is designed for larger solids removal, whereas the four bag pressurized flow is utilized to filter out fine silts, clays, and biological slime. System comes equipped with a transfer sump pump for discharging or transferring to further treatment. Specifications Dimensions: 35”sq. x 38”H Sump Pump: 1/3 h.p. s.s. Sump Pump (115 VAC, 60 Hz, 7.2 Amps) Capacity: 150 Gallons Filter (OP-027): 100 microns nylon Filter (OP-059): 25 microns poly felt Filter (OP-056): 100 microns nylon Flow (Pressure) OP-027: Gravity (0 - 5 psi) Flow (Pressure) OP-059: Pressurized (0 - 25 psi) Flow (Pressure) OP-056: Gravity (0 - 5 psi)

Cotice: filtro Multiple de solido

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