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A three-part modular system designed to fit through a standard 32" door opening and can be handled with a standard hand dolly for easy delivery into existing basements. The unit has three fluidized bed reactors and one clarifier chamber, automatic bacteria feed system, a continuous duty advanced oxidation gas aeration and odor control system, and an oxidation purge system. Also, a separate photohydroionization cell for lift-station airborne bacteria and odor control. This system is ideal for hotel basement lift station / grease trap replacement or enhancement. It provides an advanced grease digestive system and advanced oxidation gases for the lift station for odor, bacteria and FOG control. Specifications. Rating: 5 gpm Fresh Water Supply: 1/4" 0.16 gpm Fresh Water Treatment: Carbon Electrical: 120 V, 20 amps Electrical (Optional): 240 V, 10 amps Advanced Oxidation: Photohydroionization Media Bed: Multi Poly
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