Sistema Termo oxidacion

Sistema Termo oxidacion

Producto n° 7249


The RGF Thermo-Oxidizer is controlled by a combination PLC and UL/FM approved microprocessor based Flame Safeguard Controller. Visual confirmation of the Thermo-Oxidizer status is provided by LCD displays, indicator lights, and digital temperature displays. The 2,500,000 BTU stainless steel burner nozzle provides the energy necessary for the waste combustion. A Teflon air diaphragm pump pressurizes the wastewater for injection into the air atomization nozzles. These nozzles incorporate a PLC controlled pneumatic cleanout system. The waste stream is thereby atomized directly into the combustion chamber where it is completely oxidized. The TO 150 incorporates an outer shell which acts as a preheat plenum reducing thermal loss and increasing efficiency. Specifications. Dimensions: 9'8"L x 8'D x 10'H Electrical: 220VAC, 20 Amp, 1 or 3 phase Weight (Approx): 20,000 lbs. Disposal Rate: Up to 150 gallons per hour Construction: 3/16" Steel Plate, Ceramic Lined, Stainless Steel Door Air Supply Requirements: 15 CFM @ 100 psi. Typical Temperature Settings: 800-1,400F

Cotice: Sistema Termo oxidacion

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