Clarificador con union centrifuga

Clarificador con union centrifuga

Producto n° 7250


RGF's Centrifugal Coalescing Clarifier has a unique hydrocarbon accumulator system, which involves the process of injecting the oily wastewater along the circumference of the coneshaped tank to initiate the centrifugal separation of the heavier particles. The free oils are skimmed off the surface of the cone tank and stored in the hydrocarbon accumulator. The precipitated particles settle to the bottom of the cone tank where they are drained into a gravity bag filter for easy removal. Optional ozone, pH, or chemical feed treatments can be added to enhance oil flotation and solids separation. Specifications. Construction: Polyethylene Tank / Carbon Steel Stand / PVC Piping Flow Rate: 1- 25 g.p.m. Flow Rate (600-Q): 1 - 40 g.p.m.

Cotice: Clarificador con union centrifuga

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