Filtro alta presion amortiguador hidrocarburo

Filtro alta presion  amortiguador hidrocarburo

Producto n° 7253



Hitgh Pressure Filter

The high pressure filter is designed to absorb join. The high pressure filters to absorb the hydrocarbons from the free flow of waste. The filter uses a high pressure close to 60 ° matrix poly networks designed to attract low-micron particles of oil, which are absorbed by a single material absorbing oleophilic oil. Large particles are purged melt away at the top of the unit.

Specifications of the High Pressure Filter

Input / Output
Connections: 1 1 / 2 "NPT
Purge Connection: 1 / 4 "Poly Hose Drain
Connection: 3 / 4" NPT
Pressure: 0-10 psi Max.
Temperature: 110 ° F PH
range: 2-10
Dimensions: 14 "OD x 40" H
Material filter (PF-003): Stainless Steel
Material (PF-067): Polyethylene
Filter Type: 60 ° coalescor network poly / absorber
Delivery: 1-15 gpm

Cotice: Filtro alta presion amortiguador hidrocarburo

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