Filtro alta presion  amortiguador hidrocarburo

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Filtro alta presion amortiguador hidrocarburo


Hitgh Pressure Filter

The high pressure filter is designed to absorb join. The high pressure filters to absorb the hydrocarbons from the free flow of waste. The filter uses a high pressure close to 60 ° matrix poly networks designed to attract low-micron particles of oil, which are absorbed by a single material absorbing oleophilic oil. Large particles are purged melt away at the top of the unit.

Specifications of the High Pressure Filter

Input / Output
Connections: 1 1 / 2 "NPT
Purge Connection: 1 / 4 "Poly Hose Drain
Connection: 3 / 4" NPT
Pressure: 0-10 psi Max.
Temperature: 110 ° F PH
range: 2-10
Dimensions: 14 "OD x 40" H
Material filter (PF-003): Stainless Steel
Material (PF-067): Polyethylene
Filter Type: 60 ° coalescor network poly / absorber
Delivery: 1-15 gpm

Cotice: Filtro alta presion amortiguador hidrocarburo

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