Cubierta Automatica Modelo Elevado Carlit

Cubierta Automatica Modelo Elevado Carlit

Producto n° 7295


Cubierta Automática Modelo Elevado Carlit The automatic cover model Carlit is ideal for installation in existing swimming pools whose dimensions do not exceed 5 x 11 m. It is an above-ground cover, which means that the roller axis is located out of the pool, anchored to its surrounds. The electrical connections have been simplified to the maximum. These consist of a two-wire cable between the roller and the electrical switchboard (4 mm2 up to 15 m and 6 mm2 up to 30 m). The elements making up the Carlit cover are the slats (as seen on page 439) and the mechanical kit, which consists of: - Two white lacquered stainless steel legs. - Ø 146 mm anodised aluminium axle. - 24V tubular motor with end-stop adjustment. - Key switch with auto return. - Switchboard with 220/24V transformer.

Cotice: Cubierta Automatica Modelo Elevado Carlit

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