Cyanide ReagentStripTM 484003

Cyanide ReagentStripTM 484003

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Cyanide ReagentStripTM 484003 Designed for monitoring effluents and surface waters, the Cyanide ReagentStripTM Kit requires as little as two minutes for cyanide colorimetric analysis. The test procedure is as follows: add 2 ml sample to microcuvette, dip #1 ReagentStripTM (adjusts the pH of the sample and converts cyanide to cyanogen chloride) for 30 seconds into sample, then dip #2 ReagentStripTM (cyanogen chloride reacts with Isonicotinic and Dimethylbarbituric acids to form a blue color) for 30 seconds. View #2 ReagentStripTM for blue color to determine semi-quantitative concentration. After 10 minutes match color in cuvette to color chart for quantitative cyanide concentration. Color reading can also be made using a colorimeter or spectrophotometer for more precise determination. Detection sensitivity is 0.01 ppm (mg/L), with a range to 1.0 ppm (mg/L). The DPD ReagentStripTM Cyanide Kit is the quick and accurate solution for testing cyanide concentrations.

Cotice: Cyanide ReagentStripTM 484003

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