Palintest Chlorometer 1000 PT 245

Palintest Chlorometer 1000  PT 245

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Palintest Chlorometer 1000, PT 245

The Palintest Chlorometer 1000 offers water utilities a new dimension in chlorine testing. When used in conjunction with DPD ReagentStripsTM ,it provides a level of simplicity and accuracy unrivalled in a portable hand-held instrument. The Chlorometer 1000 measures the level of chlorine disinfectant in cooling systems water and in chlorinated solutions used to clean food and beverage equipment. The Palintest Chlorometer 1000 is ideal for every application. The instrument is equally suitable for bench use in water treatment plants and works laboratories, or for field use by sampling officers and water quality inspectors.

Cotice: Palintest Chlorometer 1000 PT 245

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