Turbidity Meter

Turbidity Meter

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Turbidity Meter Water treatment professionals used turbidity measurement to monitor the amount of particles in water. These measurements are used to determine the effectiveness of filtration steps during treatment processes. Turbidity meters typically use the principle of Nephelometry to measure the optical clarity (turbidity) of a sample. The measurement is expressed in Nephelometric Turbidity Units, or NTUs. Color in the sample (from humic substances, for example) can sometimes absorb some of the source light and skew the NTU values. This unit is designed to minimize that error by featuring an LED that emits at a near IR wavelength that is less likely to be absorbed by the sample. This ergonomically designed turbidity meter is microprocessor controlled and menu driven. With simple three-button operation, the operator has easy access to instrument setup and a choice of automatic or manual calibration features. The unit features a rechargeable battery pack and comes in a protective, padded carrying case with instructions and calibration certificate.

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