NEMO Mini Pump

NEMO Mini Pump

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NEMO® Mini Pump

The NEMO® Mini Pump series is utilized for metering both high and low-vicosity materials. Without altering the overall pump dimension, this low cost modular design offers four rotor/stator element sizes which can be interchanged with minimal downtime. NEMO® Mini Pumps are available in standard design or block construction.

Key features of this pump include: Capacity directly depending on the rotor speed No discharge from open-ended locations due to reversing the pump rotation No additional system valves necessary 4 rotor and stator sizes for different dosing capacities in a single modular pump package Capable of delivering and mixing various components, even with different proportion of ingredients Combination of two or several NEMO® Mini Pumps possible Different viscosities can be delivered Capacities from .01 to 10 liters per minute Pressure range of 0 to 12 bar High dosing accuracy Modular System: Optimum adaptability to different products and capacities Low-cost modular design Four rotor/stator element sizes can be interchanged with minimal downtime Typical Applications:

Applications for NEMO® Mini Pumps are in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. It is further utilized in laboratories and the medical field. Mini Pumps are available in a variety of materials to suit all application requirements. They are manufactured in accordance to different national and international standards. One of the essential strengths of Netzsch is product reliability and customer specific solutions to every difficult pumping problem.

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