Barrel Emptying

Barrel Emptying

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Barrel Emptying

The NEMO® Pump Series BT is designed for use where optimum emptying of barrels of all sizes is required.

Pump unit is equipped with a flanged follower plate plus a special hydro-pneumatic centralising mechanism suitable of lowering and lifting the unit.

A collar in various elastomer materials tightly fits onto the outside edge of the follower plate, ensuring that inner barrel walls are almost entirely stripped free from material leaving just a very slight residual amount.

Standard pump sizes for the discharge of 20, 60 and 200 liter barrels available. Special pump versions, also for an extension with pumps and limit switch control (barrel empty), for various other barrel sizes possible.


For quick discharge of fats, highly viscous and pasty matters from hobbocks, barrels, dissolvers, or round respectively angular barrels, also in transportable version available.

This versatile pump system is approved in all industries, above all in the Lacquer and Varnish Factories, Chemical Plants, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries.

Cotice: Barrel Emptying

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