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Accessories Dosing Control Systems: Standard design: Version 1: T-DOS Compact - Dosing amount to be adjusted by dosing time Version 2: Q-DOS Compact - Dosing amount to be adjusted by preset pulse generator and a proximity switch Compact Control ID-DOS: Speed proportional to delivery 4 set points via 2 digital inputs are given Variable dosing factor Repeating accuracy < ±1% (0.01 ml) Short cycle times Reversing operation Exact adjustment to the medium Custom Solution: A control system incorporating instruments for the process safety is used in addition to the pump. This can be an efficient Stored Program System (SPS) which is equipped with a membrane keyboard or an industrial PC. Peripheral Instruments for Process Safety Dry running protection: Dry running can be a danger for NEMO® Pumps, especially at the very first start-up or a new start after repair/dismantling works, unless the suction chamber was filled with water or pumping liquid. Heat is building up between the turning rotor and stator, the latter having a bad heat elimination. As this might destroy the stator completely, Netzsch offers their customers various dry running protection systems which include: Pressure Transformer P31: For a pressure range of 0...400 bar With connecting flange and separating membrane in stainless steel For the output signals 4 - 20 mA and 0 - 10 V Good long-time stability High reproducing capability Housing in protection class IP65 Flow Meter: Flow detectors can be used for nearly any kind of liquid control. Liquids like oil, fat, lacquer, pastes, adhesives, anaerobic adhesives and sealants, hydrocarbons, also products of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food Industries are precisely controlled during continuous robot application or interval dosing.

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