NEMO Hygienic Plus

NEMO Hygienic Plus

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NEMO® Hygienic Plus

The flexible shaft replaces the normal coupling rod and pin joints or gear joints. It transmits the rotational torque from the pump drive shaft to the rotor and the axial forces, produced by the application discharge pressure and the mass of the rotor, back to the drive shaft. The eccentric rotation of the rotor is catered for by the rod flexing. The amount of flex is, of course, within the elastic fatigue limits of the flexible rod.

This type of coupling eliminates the need for parts which move relative to one another, thereby eliminating the requirement for lubrication and eliminating wear in this area of the pump.

The benefit to the customer is increased operational reliability. Their pumps will require less maintenance, less parts and are less likely to fail due to wear. They will therefore costs less to run, will require a lower spare parts stockholding and will contribute to lower process operating costs. Such is our confidence in the product that a two year wear resistance guarantee is being offered on the flexible rod coupling.

The flexibleshaft is particularly suited for hygienic applications. In addition to the better wear characteristics the flexibleshaft eliminates the possibility of any product build up in the joint area. Also, some "hygienic" pumps still use joints which require oil lubrication and consequently a joint seal. The joint seals are wearing items, if they fail the lubrication would undoubtedly cause product contamination. The flexibleshaft eliminates this problem completely. A hygienic pump with a flexibleshaft drive will be easier to clean, more hygienic and will contribute to a cleaner process for the customer and a better product for the consumer.

Increased operational reliability Less maintenance Less parts Lower running costs Lower lifecycle costs Two year guarantee

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