NM SA Aseptic Pump

NM   SA Aseptic Pump

Producto n° 8135


NM...SA Aseptic Pump NM...SA Aseptic Pump With increased production requirements in the food industry products must both be preserved for a long time and maintain a fresh taste as well. This means that every single production phase must be kept sterile as carefully as possible. Meeting the highest and uncompromising sanitary requirements, the new NEMO® Aseptic Pumps, with their innovative design, ensure entirely sterile product processes. These pumps provide optimum performance in conveying sensitive, highly viscous and solids containing product. For Your sterile application: For shear sensitive and highly viscous media Capable of CIP and SIP processes All seals in sterile design 53 models available Capacity up to 140.000 l/h Maximum pressure to 36 bar Space saving block construction (BA) with directly flanged drive Bearing housing construction (SA), various drives possible, in "heavy duty" design to VDMA 24287

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