NM SF Standard Pump with Positioned Feeding Screw

NM   SF Standard Pump with Positioned Feeding Screw

Producto n° 8139


NM...SF Standard Pump with Positioned Feeding Screw This NM Feed Pump system is the best solution for conveying both highly viscous, dry and non-flowing product. With the installation of a bridge breaker/mixing paddle crashing the solid particles, even filter cakes from chamber filter presses can be conveyed quite easily. By force filling the open rotor/stator chambers continuously, the generously large feeding screw is adapted to convey all product which is not capable of flowing. The Positioned Feeding Screw, patented* under European Patent EP # 071397, assures a capacity 50% higher than the standard feed screw design. High friction losses in the pipes on the outlet side can be reduced by applying lubricants which are sprayed in dosed amounts onto the inner walls of the discharge pipe by means of a Ring Nozzle from a small dosing pump. This NM Standard Pump can additionally be equipped with both Dry Running Protection and an Over Pressure Protector.

Cotice: NM SF Standard Pump with Positioned Feeding Screw

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