Oil and Water Interface Meter by Geotech

Oil and Water Interface Meter by Geotech

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Oil and Water Interface Meter by Geotech

The Geotech Interface Meter is a battery powered, portable reel-mounted metering instrument for providing measurements of liquids lighter and heavier than water. Uses include measuring oil and water levels in monitoring wells and detecting tank leakage.Durable storage reel is made from polypropylene with a rugged aluminum frame.

Highly accurate Kynar® coated steel tape is marked in engineering or metric units. Durable stainless steel conductors.

Teflon® and stainless steel probe with Viton strain relief. Interface probe contact with product or water activates audible and visible alarms on the reel's meter. Automatic shut-off circuit extends the 9V battery's life.Water resistant padded carrying case. Built-in reel hanger for longer tape life

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