Aqua TROLL 200

Aqua TROLL 200

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Aqua TROLL® 200

The NEW Aqua TROLL® 200, the first in a new line of water quality instruments from In-Situ® Inc., monitors and logs conductivity, level/pressure and temperature in the harshest environments. Designed to combat fouling and conserve power, the Aqua TROLL® 200 is built to extend deployment. Power on external 8-36 VDC or internal batteries that are guaranteed for 5 years when reading in 15 minute intervals. Ultra-rugged, corrosion-resistant, titanium construction and small, 0.72” (18.3 mm) diameter make the Aqua TROLL® 200 ideal for demanding marine, surface and ground water applications. Building on the successful Level TROLL® platform, the Aqua TROLL® 200 is SCADA and telemetry ready. Standard outputs include Modbus/RS485, SDI-12 and 4-20 mA.

In addition to the same high accuracy pressure sensor utilized by the Level TROLL®, the Aqua TROLL® 200 delivers superior water level accuracy in estuary and coastal environments where salinity values vary due to mixing, rainfall or tides by dynamically compensating level readings for changes in water density due to changes in salinity.

Select between gauged and absolute models with ranges up to 500 psi. All feature a 4MB memory that stores up to 380,000 data points. Standard logging modes include linear, linear average and event testing* with logging rates** as fast as 1/sec.

Installation and data acquisition is simplified using In-Situ® RuggedCable– and powerful Win-Situ® software. Use the durable RuggedReader® handheld PC for fast instrument set-up and downloading in the field

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