TROLL 9500

TROLL 9500

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TROLL® 9500 Introducing the TROLL® 9500--multi-parameter water quality monitoring made simple! The TROLL® 9500 is a powerful portable unit that houses up to 9 water quality sensors, internal power, and optional data logging capabilities. Lower Total Cost of Ownership The TROLL® 9500 saves time and money with convenient features like Quick-Calibrations, automated Low-Flow sampling, field-replaceable sensors, long-lasting internal power, and more. Our field-proven Optical D.O. sensor (RDO®) reduces maintenance and the need to visit the site. Higher Reliability The TROLL® 9500 features a corrosion-resistant housing that is suitable for fresh, waste, and marine waters. The battery compartment and cable connector are IP67 rated even when detached. Sensors are field replaceable for easy maintenance and calibration. Plus, we offer 24 hours / 7 days a week FREE technical support for your peace of mind when working in the field. Proven Accuracy A factory report using NIST-traceable standards where applicable is included with each unit. Rigorous, independent 3rd-party validation proves our Optical D.O. (RDO®) is the most accurate and rugged sensor in the industry. Ask us for a free report! Easy Operation The TROLL® 9500 features innovations like Quick-Cal solutions, Twist-Lock connectors, and user-friendly software that make your job easier.

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