TROLL Link Telemetry systems

TROLL Link Telemetry systems

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TROLL® Link Telemetry systems Reliable, secure access to remote site data. The new TROLL® Link Telemetry systems provide you with multiple means of economically and reliably accessing your data at remote installations. Save time and money–Get your data from remote sites faster and at a lower cost! Simple setup–Connect any TROLL® Link system to your Level TROLL®, Aqua TROLL® or MPT TROLL® 9500 instrument and activate! Flexible Communications–Satellite and cellular communication options ensure adaptability for your site, regardless of location. Self-powered–Solar panel eliminates the need for on-site power. Online Data Retreival–Access your data from anywhere in the world using our secure In-Situ® Data Center. Expert Service–Free 24/7 technical support

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