Level TROLL 300

Level TROLL 300

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Level TROLL® 300 Introducing the NEW Level TROLL® 300... Simple, Powerful, Easy water level monitoring. The Level TROLL® 300 is an absolute (non-vented) instrument for monitoring and recording changes in water level, pressure and temperature. The Level TROLL® 300 eliminate problems commonly found in the industry while also providing the accuracy, reliability and ease of use needed for long-term water level monitoring. Its 20.8mm (0.82”) diameter 316L stainless steel housing allow the instrument to be confidently deployed in a 25mm (1”) well. Enhanced electronic and sensor design provide long-term accuracy with internal memory of 50,000 data points and options of internal or external power allowing deployment for years. The new Twist-Lock connector eliminates worries of lost data and or communication failure while procedural and data errors are reduced through easy to use Windows®-based software. The Level TROLL® 300 provides the confidence needed to perform highly accurate water level studies with a complete and integrated solution. The Level TROLL® 300 system is of primary interest to those who deploy instrumentation for the monitoring and recording of long-term water level changes in either monitoring wells or in open surface water. The Level TROLL® 300 instrument comes standard with the ability to communicate via Modbus, 4-20mA, SDI-12 and RS-485/232. Pressure sensor accuracy has been verified to meet or exceed 0.2% of full-scale operation, while maintaining one of the smallest sensor diameters in the industry. The new instrument incorporates a fully sealed power cell, warranted to operate for a minimum of 5 years or 1,000,000 readings, whichever comes first, eliminating worry of system flooding while also giving confidence in long-term deployment. Long-term deployment is further assured with optional external power accessories. The Level TROLL® 300 can be deployed with either suspension wire or cable using the In-Situ® Twist-Lock connector. The system was extensively tested to provide sure attachment to the communication and deployment cable, thus eliminating worry of communication failure or error. Additionally, an optional external barometer (BaroTROLL®) is available for use with the Level TROLL® 300 , with seamless integration of barometric pressure compensation performed through In-Situ®’s new Baro Merge™ software.

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