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Level TROLL® 500 Introducing the NEW Level TROLL® 500... a breakthrough for water level and temperature monitoring. The Level TROLL® contains everything needed for water level measurement and data logging--level and temperature sensors, a data logger, internal power in a 18.3mm (0.72 in) diameter housing with a lot of exciting new capabilities. Since it is built entirely from rugged titanium that is welded to eliminate o-ring seals, you can have total confidence in all applications, even marine environments. The Level TROLL® is the easiest way to monitor level ever! With the Level TROLL®, you ll discover perfect connections with our new Twist-Lock connectors. And, they are extendable--an industry first! Forget having to change batteries. Our new super low-power system guarantees long-term operation plus the unit can be powered with external power. System integration is easy with built-in RS-485/232 Modbus, SDI-12, and 4-20mA communication capability. Are you ready to monitor level with absolute confidence? Try the new Level TROLL®! Applications: River, lake, stream gaging Landslide & flood prevention Stormwater monitoring Flow measurements Research, studies Marine buoys Water pumping management Estuaries and coastal monitoring Long-term groundwater monitoring Water resource management, dams Landfill & industrial water levels Combined sewer overflow (CSO) Mine sites Wetland monitoring Remeditation, brownfields Construction dewatering Watershed drainage basin monitoring Soil vapor extraction (SVE)
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