Level TROLL 700

Level TROLL 700

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Level TROLL® 700 Introducing the NEW Level TROLL® 700... the next breakthrough for professional water level monitoring applications including single or multi-step aquifer testing, precision river gaging, tidal influence studies, wave characterization, geothermal research, storm-event monitoring and more! The Level TROLL® 700 features a rugged, all-titanium construction that is TIG welded to eliminate o-ring seals, Twist-Lock connectors, an ultra-low power system that eliminates the need to change batteries, and it is only 18.3mm (0.72 in) in diameter making it perfect for 1-inch wells or observation tubing. The 700 series of the Level TROLL® offers new logging modes such as Linear, Linear Average, Event, True Logarithmic, Step Linear, and Fast Linear for complete customization. Additional benefits of the Level TROLL® 700 include “Pause” and “Re-Start” logging features, a larger memory (350,000+ data points), 0.25 sec sampling (4 samples per second), ability to store and manage up to 50 log files, user notes, advanced compensation settings, and more. The Level TROLL® comes standard with RS-485 Modbus, SDI-12, and 4-20mA communication options. It can be operated using a PC or a RuggedReader® handheld and it can easily be connected to a SCADA or other online systems.

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