Water Level TAPES Built to Last

Water Level TAPES Built to Last

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Water Level TAPES–Built to Last Tape: Easily readable black print on white tape. High quality, Kevlar® reinforced, polyethylene tape, with stainless steel conductors and graduated in feet by 0.01 ft or in meters by mm. Probe: Constructed of stainless steel and Teflon® with a diameter of .63” (16 mm) and length of 7.5” (190 mm). Probe is fully sealed and pressure tested to the full length of the tape. Power: Operated by an easy-to-change, single 9V battery and signaled by an audible buzzer and a bright LED light. Reel: A rugged nylon (less than 500 ft) or aluminum (over 500 ft) reel mounted on a steel frame with an ergonomic hand grip. Reel lock and casing hanger are built into the frame.

Cotice: Water Level TAPES Built to Last

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