Airflex WC

Airflex WC

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Airflex WC

Torque capacities up to: 2,700,000 lb·in 304.830 N·m

Thermal capacities up to: 2,600 HP 1.940 kW

Airflex WC air applied and spring applied water cooled brakes are designed for applications requiring high horsepower absorption. Its design incorporates copper alloy wear plates which transfer heat rapidly to circulating water. They are used for heavy-duty braking and tensioning applications, such as those found in metal and paper processing, as well as for cable tension control on logging, marine mooring and winching equipment. The unit can also be used as an absorption dynamometer.

The Airflex WCBD dual piston water cooled brake is designed for greater tension contol.

Cotice: Airflex WC

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