Shrink Packing machine

Shrink Packing machine

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Shrink Packing machine Model FL - 590 Full Automatic Packaging and Cutting Machine is a kind of packaging machine at the international leading level, which is lately developed and produced by our company. It is mainly applied in collective packaging for a large quantity of bulk goods of all kinds. The machine is the first choice for collective packaging in enterprises that manufacture food, medicine, drink, wines, etc. The machine adopts advanced automatic control and production techniques, and has the features of reasonable structure, reliable performance, flexible use, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and good adaptability. The machine adopts main body frame structure, and adopts chain drive, electric control drive for starting and stopping. This kind of structure has lower failure rate than traditional mechanic driving structure, and is convenient for maintenance, installation, adjustment and experiment. The executive components for packaging motion are pneumatic and are controlled by photoelectric sensor, which ensures the stability and reliability of operation implementation. The automatic control mode of complete machine is PLC program control, which enables circuit structure of the machine easier to learn than that of traditional electric control mode, and convenient for maintenance.

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