REd Valve Pinch Valves

REd Valve Pinch Valves

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REd Valve Pinch Valves Red Valve Pinch Valves are able to outlast conventional metal valve designs because of the unmatched abrasion resistance of our elastomer sleeves. The sleeve is the heart of every Pinch Valve, providing the valve lining, flange gaskets, and seating surface all in one. Since the sleeve is the only wetted part of the valve, there is no need for expensive metal alloys to be used in the body of the valve. This design also eliminates fugitive emissions, and the packing and seats that are responsible for most valve maintenance. And since the sleeve is the only wetted part, it is also the only replacement part. The sleeve is constructed much like a heavy-duty truck tire, with bias-ply, fabric- reinforced rubber providing the structural support of the sleeve. The full-port design of the sleeve is ideal for slurry and solids handling where an unobstructed flow path is essential. In throttling applications, the sleeve maintains a laminar flow for better control with less cavitation.

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