Control Pinch Valves Series 5400

Control Pinch Valves Series 5400

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Control Pinch Valves Series 5400 Series 5400 Control Pinch Valve Heavy duty valve design actuator closes on centerline No packing to maintain, ever Accurate, repeatable control Ideal for corrosive and abrasive slurries True feedback positioning Materials of Construction Ductile Iron Body ATO/ATC, ATO/FC, ATC/FO pneumatic actuators Electric and Hydraulic actuators also available Flanges ANSI B 16.5 Class 150 DIN, ASA, or BS standards also available Available Elastomers Red Valve’s redesigned Series 5400 Control Pinch Valve features centerline valve closure, true feedback positioning, compact size, enclosed mechanical parts, and accurate, repeatable variable venturi flow control. Centerline closure is extremely important for larger size pinch on extremely abrasive and high velocity applications. Centerline closure outlasts all other types of gate, plug, or ball valves on control of abrasive and corrosive slurries. The resilient elastomer sleeve outlasts even stellite coated control valves. Variable Orifice and Cone Sleeves can be specified to further enhance control performance and match the exact Cv level desired. True feedback positioning is accomplished through the direct linkage of the pneumatic positioner to the valve stem shaft. The benefits or true feedback positioning on Red Valve Series 5400’s include accurate small responsive signal changes to the positioner, causing similar changes in true valve position, greatly enhancing control accuracy and repeatability

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