Pressure Sensors Series 48

Pressure Sensors Series 48

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Pressure Sensors Series 48 Series 48 Wafer Pressure Sensor Wafer design reduces costs Protects and isolates instrumentation Fits 150 and 300 ib. flanges Light weight design Materials of Construction Carbon Steel Body Flanges Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, PVC, Teflon Coated Carbon Steel Available Elastomers Teflon coated Buna-N or Viton also available Fill Fluid: Ethylene Glycol & Water 200° F, Vegetable Oil 230° F, Silicone Oil 400° F Red Valve’s Series 48 Pressure Sensor protects and isolates insrumentation, eliminating plugging and fouling that can occur in slurry and hard-to-gauge liquid applications. The economical Series 48 is designed to fit inside the bolt pattern of the pipe flanges, allowing for ease of installation and reducing the size of the unit. Series 48 sensors are designed to fit Class 150 and 300 flange drilling, DIN, BS NP10, or any customer specified piping systems. Reliable, accurate instrument readings are often difficult or even impossible to obtain in pipelines carrying slurry, solids or chemical process. Standard diaphragm seals are vulnerable to plugging by debris or deposits and only give a pressure reading from one small area. With the Series 48 Pressure Sensor these problems are eliminated. The principle of operation is that line pressure is sensed through a flexible rubber sleeve which is a full 360° circumference of the pipe ID. The captive fluid is displaced through the Series 48 Pressure Sensor body to the instrument’s Bourdon tube. All instrumentation is protected from the process, which assures accurate, repeatable pressure readings. The Series 48 is also available in a full-face sleeve style, the Series 48W. This sensor is distinguished by an enlarged rubber sleeve that extends over the flanges of the unit. In this configuration, the elastomer sleeve is the only wetted part of the unit, allowing for greater chemical resistance and the use of less expensive flange metals

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