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Smart Rubber Products

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Smart Rubber Products Red Valve Wear-Sensing Smart Technology Senses wearing of elastomer layers Provides warning before expansion joint wears through Allows user to schedule replacement Ideal for preventative maintenance Available in most Redflex ® configurations Test circuit checks all wiring and connections The Red Valve Smart Technology for Redflex® uses a unique construction to electronically sense when the expansion joint, pipe, or fitting has worn to the point where it needs to be replaced. An associated alarm module monitors the condition of the expansion joint and provides visual indication of expansion joint status. A green light indicates the alarm module is energized and the Redflex® is good. A red light indicates the alarm module is energized and the Redflex® has worn through to the point that it should be replaced. A test button on the alarm module is used to check all wiring and connections to the Redflex® in addition to the alarm module circuitry. The process fluid must be an electrical conductor for proper operation. Water, water-based slurries, and many other liquids are suitable conductors. Construction One layer of conducting rubber is encapsulated between two layers of insulating rubber. This layer of conducting rubber is tubular in shape and extends the full length of the Redflex® product and 360° around the bore but is insulated from the bore. Each flange face is also covered with a layer of conducting rubber which extends into the bore and is in direct contact with the process fluid. At each end of the Redflex®, a pair of insulated, waterproof electrical lead wires connect to the conducting rubber tube and the conducting rubber flange face. If the Redflex® wears through to the tubular conducting layer, the process fluid completes an electrical path and the alarm module light changes from green to red. Advantages Since the tubular layer of conducting rubber is inside the fabric reinforcing plies, the alarm module detects the wear of the rubber liner while the reinforcing plies are still intact and the expansion joint is still functional. This allows replacement to be scheduled. It is not necessary to replace the Redflex® immediately. Conversely, there is no need to replace a Redflex® product prematurely "just to be sure." The Smart Technology and alarm module allow the Redflex® products to operate to the end of their useful life. The use of conducting rubber on the flange faces allows the technology to be used with plastic pipe and rubber-lined pipe. There is no need for a separate ground connection to a metal pipe

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