Outfall Check Valves TF 1 Check Valve

Outfall  Check Valves TF 1 Check Valve

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Outfall Check Valves TF-1 Check Valve Tideflex TF-1 Slip-On Check Valves 100% elastomer construction eliminates maintenance Will not warp or freeze open or shut Eliminates backflow, seals 100% Custom built to customer specifications Curved Bill enhances sealing Available in diameters from 1/2" to 120" Materials of Construction Available Elastomers The TF-1 is Tideflex Technologies's most commonly used check valve configuration. Designed primarily for end-of-pipe outfall installations, the TF-1 features a flat bottom and flared top. This allows the valve to be installed at a lower overall elevation than other configurations, with less bottom clearance required. this is especially important in low-lying areas where maintaining as much driving head is critical, or where silt , sand and debris might be present beneath the valve This design is also ideal for existing manhole installations where the invert of the pipe is close to the floor of the vault. There are many check valves in interceptors, manholes, and vaults. These vaults are designed so that there would be a maximum gravity head; thus, the invert pipe is as close to the base as possible. The TF-1 allows installations in such applications

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