Inline Check Valves Series 37G Slip In

Inline  Check Valves Series 37G Slip In

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Inline Check Valves Series 37G Slip-In Tideflex® 37G InLine Check Valves Installs within existing piping Inner expansion clamp One-piece elastomer check sleeve design Silent, non-slamming Closes on entrapped solids Materials of Construction ANSI Class 125 Flanges, DIN PN6, PN10, PN16 Available Elastomers The 37-G is a special adaptation of the standard Series 37. The 37G can be directly inserted into a pipe with absolutely no protrusion whatsoever. An expanding clamp holds the valve in place with and interference fit. The Series 37G is especially popular in CSO systems where lines draining from manholes are flush with the floor of the basin and no room exists for a flange. The pressure drop of the Series 37-G is increased because of the smaller I.D. required to fit the check valve in the line. With only one moving part, the maintenance-free rubber check sleeve, the Series 37-G Check Valve is simple in design. Sliding, rotating, swinging and spring parts are eliminated. And there are no seats to corrode or packing to maintain. In addition, the Series 37-G is a passive design, requiring no external source of air or electricity to operate. The result is reduced energy consumption. The Series 37-G Check Valve can be ordered in a variety of elastomers

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