Waterflex Check Valve

Waterflex Check Valve

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Waterflex Check Valve Waterflex Check Valve High Backpressure Rating No Springs or Levers and Weights Extremely Compact Design Available in diameters up to to 84" Materials of Construction Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Plate Available Elastomers The Waterflex Check Valve is an entirely new valve design from Tideflex Technologies, specifically engineered for potable water applications. The all-new Waterflex provides low headloss characteristics and features high backpressure ratings comparable to other valve styles, such as lever-and-weight or spring-loaded disks. The Waterflex operates solely on line pressure and backpressure to open and close - no outside energy source is required. As line pressure builds, the elastomeric disc is folded away from the perforated plate, allowing water to pass. The "memory" of the rubber will cause the disc to return flat, and backpressure will seal it against the plate to prevent backflow. The elastomer Waterflex is more cost-effective than other valve styles. Moving parts, such as hinges and springs, can seize if routing maintenance and lubrication are not performed. The Waterflex has no moving parts that require maintenance or repairs, so operational costs are low and service life is long. The Waterflex can also be used in stormwater applications where a screen or trash rack is required. The perforated plate screens large debris and floatables, and the check valve action prevents backflow from flushing large volumes of collected debris from the holding chamber

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