Housed Inline Series 2633

Housed Inline Series 2633

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Housed Inline Series 2633 Series 2633 Miniflex InLine Check Valve Eliminates check valve chatter Seals 100% on reverse flow Can be mounted in any position Is ideal for pneumatic systems Materials of Construction Steel, stainless steel or PVC body Steel, stainless steel or PVC end connections Available Elastomers Manufactured on the same principle as the revolutionary all-rubber Tideflex Check Valve, the Series 2633 is a simple in-line check valve for threaded end pipelines. Simple in design, the Series 2633 consists of a body, two endcaps and the working element, an elastomer check sleeve. In the open position, the sleeve creates a wide, free passage proportional to the flow in the pipeline. On flow reversal, the sleeve closes slowly and completely. The silent, non-slamming Series 2633 Check Valve design eliminates water hammer and facilitates low headloss. Containing no levers, packing, springs or interference fits to corrode or freeze, the valve is virtually maintenance-free. The only replacement part is the simple, rugged elastomer check sleeve. This small and simple in-line check valve is ideal for liquids, gases, powders, slurries and instrument or plant air, as well as in any environment where preventing back-flow is critical. The Series 2633 is manufactured in sizes 1/2" to 3". The check sleeve is available in a variety of elastomers to match specific service conditions

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