Air Diffuser Products Tubeflex Fine Bubble

Air Diffuser Products Tubeflex Fine Bubble

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Air Diffuser Products Tubeflex® Fine Bubble

The new Tubeflex® Fine Bubble Air Diffuser from Tideflex Technologies was developed to overcome the limita­tions of traditional fine bubble diffusers and features breakthrough innovations not found in any other tube or disk diffuser design.

At the heart of the Tubeflex® is an integral Tideflex® Check Valve that prevents backflow of sludge and debris into the air diffuser manifold piping. The Tideflex® virtually eliminates clogging and ensures maximum efficiency.

The body of the Tubeflex® is hollow, with an open end that reduces buoyancy. The Tubeflex® measures 26" long with a 2" diameter.

One of the most important features of the Tubeflex® is its unique flexible mounting system. An impact-resistant bushing is used that allows the Tubeflex® to deflect up to 15 degrees. The impact bushing system resists breakage of the diffuser from loads and impacts occurring at the cantilevered end.

The membrane of the Tubeflex is replaceable and uses preset tension clamps to ensure an adequate seal when replaced by operators

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